Castle Dental Opens Another Office in Houston

OralID makes oral cancer detection affordable

oral cancer device OralID

The opening marks the 102nd organically grown office Smile Brands Inc. has opened since 2003. Providing exceptional patient care is always my first priority, and visit site Im excited about bringing affordable dental care options to the Houston community We are proud of the people who have been instrumental in enabling us to accomplish this achievement and proud of the performance of these new offices, said Bill McCarthy, Smile Brands Inc.s Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Facility Development. As we continue to strive to deliver Smiles for Everyone!, we are well positioned to successfully open 40-50 new offices per year, McCarthy continued. Smile Brands Inc. will continue its growth pattern in the Houston Area, with three new offices slated to open in early 2011 with further expansion in 2012.
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Our primary goal as a company is to help save lives,” said Robert Whitman, cofounder of Forward Science and a biomedical engineer behind OralIDs streamlined design. “When we designed OralID, we went to the clinicians and asked what they wanted in a product. With that feedback, we designed a device around the users needs portable, simple to use, no per-patient cost, and under $1,000. OralID can now be implemented into every dental office and everyone can be screened, thus saving more lives. There are other things that set OralID apart among the limited selection of oral screening devices in the market. Forward Science understands the importance of training for successful implementation of a new device into a practice, therefore each OralID office is provided with a personal live team training webinar. This free training can be repeated at any time.
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Adjustable Bed Donation Helps Michigan Veteran Find Relief From Acid Reflux Symptoms

Were trying to put off surgery for as long as possible, stated SSG Vargas. The recommended surgery will cause me to lose my ability to turn my back side-to-side but the numbness and tingling I experience would go away. The bed has been a big help. Before I got the bed I was only sleeping for an hour or two. Now, I sleep for 5 hours straight.
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Adjustable Bed Donation Helps Michigan Veteran Find Relief From Acid Reflux Symptoms

Natural-gas fuel use could be a long haul, even for a pickup - Photo

The latest article from Mattress Inquirer seeks to answer the question, Can an Adjustable Bed Help You Sleep Better? by looking at benefits and comparing models. Though these flexible bases have been around for a few decades, it is only recently they have entered the mainstream market. This is due to a combination of factors such as greater availability via online retailers, more affordable prices due to competition, better designs, and an aging population seeking more comfortable products. As more people learn about these types of beds, more are curious as to whether or not it would be a wise buying decision. Mattress Inquirer sought to help prospective shoppers by explaining who might stand to benefit from this type of bed.
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Mattress Inquirer Explains Adjustable Bed Benefits in Latest Article

During his time in Iraq SSG Vargas sustained injuries from the concussive force of several IED blasts. Additionally, the physical toll of wearing a 90-pound Kevlar protective vest for 16 hours a day while in Iraq created further long-term issues for pillows for heartburn his spine. Now stateside, he walks with a cane when hes out of the house and uses furniture for support when walking inside his home. Hes being fitted for a seashell back brace that will stabilize his lower back and help his balance. Were trying to put off surgery for as long as possible, stated SSG Vargas. The recommended surgery will cause me to lose my ability to turn my back side-to-side but the numbness and tingling I experience would go away. The bed has been a big help.
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Alternative Health Basics

Alternative Medicine Pros and Cons Complementary and alternative medicine can help with a wide variety of conditions, but before you take the plunge, be aware of both the pros and the cons. On the positive side, most forms of alternative medicine emphasize not just the physical body, but also the patients emotional and spiritual health; they also focus on preventing disease before it occurs. But compared with traditional medical methods, evidence for many alternative treatments is still limited, which has left many questions unanswered. Get the facts on alternative medicine pros and cons . Alternative Medicine Money Matters Because alternative medicine is still considered outside the scope of traditional health care, many insurance companies do not cover these visits or offer limited coverage. In fact, most people pay for alternative treatments out of pocket.
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More People are Using Alternative Health

Alternative therapies include treatment that is not part of conventional medicine. In fact, more conventional medicines are turning to alternative health. The thought for the rise of alternative health is because the cost of medical treatment continue to (source) raise year after year and alternative medicine does not rise as high as traditional medicine. In addition, certain therapies not only are cheaper, they may be more effective. The other reason more people are using alternative health is that conventional medicine focuses on the relief of symptoms and rarely places emphasis on prevention or the treatment of the cause of a disorder. Prevention is rarely practiced in traditional medicine.
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Keen Home Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Connected Central Heating And Cooling Vents


Theres also another houston air conditioning repair service option, with a recurring fee of $4 per month for access to the cloud-based management platform, which also provides monthly reports, plus a $25 sign up payment. But Fant and Hussain plan to partner withutilitycompanies and homebuilders to try to offer the tech initially at a discount price, perhaps with, say, six months of service rolled into a new construction. Its the same model that satellite radio provider Sirius/XM uses to sell subscriptions with new cars. Keen Home is launching its Keen Vent product on Indiegogo today, and believes that seeking crowdfunding, as well as traditional investment, will help it get the word out and prove product viability. Its biggest challenges will be proving to users that a recurring subscription around centralized vent control is worth the cost, and in making sure that legacy players like Honeywell dont swoop in and simply build their own similar systems. The team says that being aggressive with partnerships with big utility companies, the way others like Nest and thinkeco have done in the past, will be the key to making sure it can overcome both.
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Dreading winter’s bitter bill

“We must take action on this very basic social net program for the most vulnerable in our society and demonstrate that we do have the opportunity to reach across the political aisle and give the Americans what they deserve,” Snowe said in a statement. Senate Democrats plan to revisit the issue in September as part of a second economic stimulus package, which Republicans have called unnecessary. The summertime heating oil bet While more than half of America’s households use natural gas for heating purposes, the Northeast has the largest concentration of home heating oil users in the country. And the prospect of a 31% increase in the price of heating oil has the region on edge.
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The Tardis: No girls allowed as the Doctor

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi will play the 12th Doctor Who. (Dominic Lipinski, PA, FILE/Associated Press)

I dont consider myself a sci-fi fan at all, but it was something my daughter wanted me to watch and I soon got hooked on Tennants charm and the intriguing storylines. (And for those who watch it, Donnas my favorite companion.) Catherine Tate plays Donna Noble and David Tennant the 10th Doctor in the Tardis. (BBC photo) Who wouldnt get hooked on the stories of the Doctors travels through time and space in the Tardis, which looks like an old-fashioned British police box thats bigger on the inside? And the Doctor himself? Well, hes centuries old but doesnt look it; he can regenerate a perfectly good new body when required. Thats led to a series of actors giving their own twist to the Doctors portrayal, and quite a few fans dont believe there are any rules against that new body being female, black, gay or anything else. Weve been teased for years with the possibility of a female Doctor.
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‘Doctor Who’ Actor Revelation Draws U.K. Ratings, Twitter Activity

Capaldi attended the Glasgow School of Art, and while studying there, landed his breakout role in the 1983 drama Local Hero directed by Bill Forsyth and starring Burt Lancaster. Since then, hes been one of the busiest actors in both the U.K and Hollywood, with nominations for acting honours from British Independent Film Awards, as well as London, Los Angeles and New York film critics’ awards. His most recent work has been on Skins, The Devil’s Whore, Torchwood: Children of Earth and BBC mini-series The Nativity, but Doctor Who will surely provide the pinnacle of his acting career. Capaldi is a huge fan of the show, and even wrote a letter, aged 15, congratulating the BBC on their excellent work with the 10th anniversary. “Being asked to play the Doctor is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started,” he said. The BBC have plumped for an established actor with tremendous experience for the role; he knows the franchise and can bring a darker, comical side to the much-loved Time Lord.
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Get To Know Your New Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

local time that confirmed the Scottish actor as the 12th time lord attracted an average audience of 6.1 million people in Britain, or a 30 percent share of all people watching TV at the time. The five-minute peak audience came in at 6.9 million. Meanwhile, Twitter U.K. said that there were more than 1 million mentions of the Doctor Who casting news over the course of the day. “The peak of Twitter conversation came at 7:27pm U.K. time, when the new Doctor pain doctor houston tx was announced, with 16,198 tweets per minute,” said Lewis Wiltshire, director of media partnerships at Twitter U.K., in a blog post. “For the whole of Sunday, #DoctorWho trended in the U.K.
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‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi is revealed as the new Doctor

Peter Capaldi will play the 12th version of Doctor Who (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

In a way, its the longest job in television, Davison said. Its a whirlwind time when youre doing it, but then it continues after youve left. Capaldi is no stranger to the Doctor Who universe. He appeared in the 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii alongside the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. And hes been a lifelong fan.
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What does “Day Spa” mean to you?

If your window of opportunity for rest and relaxation is two hours rather than two days, a visit to a day spa just might do the trick. Just over 32 million Americans visited a spa in 2005, generating $9.7 million in revenue, according to latest numbers from the International Spa Association, whose membership includes over 2,700 health and wellness facilities in more than 75 countries. Over 75% of those visited day spas. Unlike resort spas, many of which rely on vacationers willing to spend exorbitant amounts of cash for unusual treatments, day spas depend largely on repeat business–loyal customers who keep coming back for their “regular.” “You go to a day spa for maintenance, massage, skincare and relaxation,” says Hannelore Leavy, executive director of The Day Spa Association. “It’s to upkeep a certain regimen.” Men’s Mani And Massage One can do that at the newly opened Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Hotel , in Newport Beach, Calif.
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So I have finally decided to tackle this seemingly simple question by taking a walk around Georgetown and asking a few couples on the street for their opinion on what a day spa is. Jonathan and Coreen are the first couple I meet. To Coreen a day spa represented an escape from the hectic lifestyle, a day of relaxation and pampering. To Jonathan the day spa meant a massage, possibly a glass of wine and some lemon water, and other things women get done to make themselves beautiful. While I couldnt help but laugh at this response, I realized that Jonathans response was a good representation of what most males thought about when asked about a day spa. My subsequent interviews on the street proved my theory about Jonathans male perspective, but elicited a number of responses from various woman.
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Best Luxury Valentine’s Day Spa Packages & Treatments

It was like Black Friday, Brewer added. We have had a great event. Our stylists were very generous to give out their services for free to help parents who cant afford school supplies. This is the first time the salon has held a school supplies drive, and Brewer plans on making it a tradition. Recently, Tranquility offered $10 body scrub Houston haircuts to benefit the families of the 19 Yarnell Hill firefighters who died June 30. They also support Sub for Santa during the holidays.
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Salon hosts school supply drive

My massage therapist, Karla, was relaxed and friendly, to just the right point. As I chatted, she answered minimally and let things quiet down naturally. I appreciated this as much as the heated bed. Soft music blurred most of the sounds from the other side of the wall, and I fell in and out of that neither-here-nor-there zone of consciousness. Karla knew what areas needed work without my telling her.
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Great Day Spas in Maryland

at the spa on this most romantic of holidays? We’ve tracked down spa treatments from coast to coast (and beyond) to come up with our favorite Valentine’s Day spa packages and treatments for romance and romance-lovers alike. “Sweetheart” Scrub & Massage at Spa Desert Springs What better way to say “I love you” or “UR G8” than with the quintessential Valentine’s Day candy, Necco Candy Hearts? Palm Desert’s JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is offering a Sweetheart Sugar Scrub and Sweetheart Valentine Massage, both scented with the smell of candy hearts, featuring notes of orange, vanilla and blueberry. Afterwards, unwind in the 38,000 square foot spa, the largest in Southern California. Both treatments are 60 minutes and $135.
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Cleaning up on housekeeping service

Earlier this month, $20-per-hour home cleaning service Homejoy added Chicago and Dallas to its list of service areas, which previously included San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and San Jose, Calif. (D.C., Boston and Houston aren’t far behind, says co-founder and chief executive Adora Cheung.) There is also Handybook, which recently launched an iPhone app for consumers to book home cleanings and other tasks in Boston and New York at a rate of $25 to $35 per hour. All three hire local cleaners who meet application requirements and have passed background checks. Experts say these expansions come at the right time to capture spring-cleaning business. But they arent necessarily poised to clean up financially. According to a new survey from the American Cleaning Institute, a trade group representing manufacturers of household cleaning products, 69% of people say the shaky economy has prompted them do more cleaning themselves.
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Man uses made-up janitorial service to receive marijuana by mail in Melvindale

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YOUR HOME; Hiring A Cleaning Service

McLaughlin said, adding that one way to determine that is to ask whether the company is insured and its employees are bonded. ”It cleaning services in houston texas doesn’t hurt to ask for a copy of their insurance certificate,” she said, adding that for those who live in apartments, information about cleaning services working the building might be available from neighbors, front-desk personnel or the managing agent. Another important piece of information to elicit from a cleaning service is the nature of its relationship with its employees. ”The first question you should ask is whether the company pays the employee and takes out taxes or whether it’s your responsibility,” said Martha Bourbeau, president of Custom Maid, another Manhattan cleaning service.
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