Keen Home Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Connected Central Heating And Cooling Vents


Theres also another houston air conditioning repair service option, with a recurring fee of $4 per month for access to the cloud-based management platform, which also provides monthly reports, plus a $25 sign up payment. But Fant and Hussain plan to partner withutilitycompanies and homebuilders to try to offer the tech initially at a discount price, perhaps with, say, six months of service rolled into a new construction. Its the same model that satellite radio provider Sirius/XM uses to sell subscriptions with new cars. Keen Home is launching its Keen Vent product on Indiegogo today, and believes that seeking crowdfunding, as well as traditional investment, will help it get the word out and prove product viability. Its biggest challenges will be proving to users that a recurring subscription around centralized vent control is worth the cost, and in making sure that legacy players like Honeywell dont swoop in and simply build their own similar systems. The team says that being aggressive with partnerships with big utility companies, the way others like Nest and thinkeco have done in the past, will be the key to making sure it can overcome both.
Full text here: Keen Home Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Connected Central Heating And Cooling Vents

Dreading winter’s bitter bill

“We must take action on this very basic social net program for the most vulnerable in our society and demonstrate that we do have the opportunity to reach across the political aisle and give the Americans what they deserve,” Snowe said in a statement. Senate Democrats plan to revisit the issue in September as part of a second economic stimulus package, which Republicans have called unnecessary. The summertime heating oil bet While more than half of America’s households use natural gas for heating purposes, the Northeast has the largest concentration of home heating oil users in the country. And the prospect of a 31% increase in the price of heating oil has the region on edge.
Full text here: Dreading winter’s bitter bill


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