The Tardis: No girls allowed as the Doctor

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi will play the 12th Doctor Who. (Dominic Lipinski, PA, FILE/Associated Press)

I dont consider myself a sci-fi fan at all, but it was something my daughter wanted me to watch and I soon got hooked on Tennants charm and the intriguing storylines. (And for those who watch it, Donnas my favorite companion.) Catherine Tate plays Donna Noble and David Tennant the 10th Doctor in the Tardis. (BBC photo) Who wouldnt get hooked on the stories of the Doctors travels through time and space in the Tardis, which looks like an old-fashioned British police box thats bigger on the inside? And the Doctor himself? Well, hes centuries old but doesnt look it; he can regenerate a perfectly good new body when required. Thats led to a series of actors giving their own twist to the Doctors portrayal, and quite a few fans dont believe there are any rules against that new body being female, black, gay or anything else. Weve been teased for years with the possibility of a female Doctor.
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‘Doctor Who’ Actor Revelation Draws U.K. Ratings, Twitter Activity

Capaldi attended the Glasgow School of Art, and while studying there, landed his breakout role in the 1983 drama Local Hero directed by Bill Forsyth and starring Burt Lancaster. Since then, hes been one of the busiest actors in both the U.K and Hollywood, with nominations for acting honours from British Independent Film Awards, as well as London, Los Angeles and New York film critics’ awards. His most recent work has been on Skins, The Devil’s Whore, Torchwood: Children of Earth and BBC mini-series The Nativity, but Doctor Who will surely provide the pinnacle of his acting career. Capaldi is a huge fan of the show, and even wrote a letter, aged 15, congratulating the BBC on their excellent work with the 10th anniversary. “Being asked to play the Doctor is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started,” he said. The BBC have plumped for an established actor with tremendous experience for the role; he knows the franchise and can bring a darker, comical side to the much-loved Time Lord.
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Get To Know Your New Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

local time that confirmed the Scottish actor as the 12th time lord attracted an average audience of 6.1 million people in Britain, or a 30 percent share of all people watching TV at the time. The five-minute peak audience came in at 6.9 million. Meanwhile, Twitter U.K. said that there were more than 1 million mentions of the Doctor Who casting news over the course of the day. “The peak of Twitter conversation came at 7:27pm U.K. time, when the new Doctor pain doctor houston tx was announced, with 16,198 tweets per minute,” said Lewis Wiltshire, director of media partnerships at Twitter U.K., in a blog post. “For the whole of Sunday, #DoctorWho trended in the U.K.
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‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi is revealed as the new Doctor

Peter Capaldi will play the 12th version of Doctor Who (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

In a way, its the longest job in television, Davison said. Its a whirlwind time when youre doing it, but then it continues after youve left. Capaldi is no stranger to the Doctor Who universe. He appeared in the 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii alongside the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. And hes been a lifelong fan.
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