What does “Day Spa” mean to you?

If your window of opportunity for rest and relaxation is two hours rather than two days, a visit to a day spa just might do the trick. Just over 32 million Americans visited a spa in 2005, generating $9.7 million in revenue, according to latest numbers from the International Spa Association, whose membership includes over 2,700 health and wellness facilities in more than 75 countries. Over 75% of those visited day spas. Unlike resort spas, many of which rely on vacationers willing to spend exorbitant amounts of cash for unusual treatments, day spas depend largely on repeat business–loyal customers who keep coming back for their “regular.” “You go to a day spa for maintenance, massage, skincare and relaxation,” says Hannelore Leavy, executive director of The Day Spa Association. “It’s to upkeep a certain regimen.” Men’s Mani And Massage One can do that at the newly opened Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Hotel , in Newport Beach, Calif.
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So I have finally decided to tackle this seemingly simple question by taking a walk around Georgetown and asking a few couples on the street for their opinion on what a day spa is. Jonathan and Coreen are the first couple I meet. To Coreen a day spa represented an escape from the hectic lifestyle, a day of relaxation and pampering. To Jonathan the day spa meant a massage, possibly a glass of wine and some lemon water, and other things women get done to make themselves beautiful. While I couldnt help but laugh at this response, I realized that Jonathans response was a good representation of what most males thought about when asked about a day spa. My subsequent interviews on the street proved my theory about Jonathans male perspective, but elicited a number of responses from various woman.
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Best Luxury Valentine’s Day Spa Packages & Treatments

It was like Black Friday, Brewer added. We have had a great event. Our stylists were very generous to give out their services for free to help parents who cant afford school supplies. This is the first time the salon has held a school supplies drive, and Brewer plans on making it a tradition. Recently, Tranquility offered $10 body scrub Houston haircuts to benefit the families of the 19 Yarnell Hill firefighters who died June 30. They also support Sub for Santa during the holidays.
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Salon hosts school supply drive

My massage therapist, Karla, was relaxed and friendly, to just the right point. As I chatted, she answered minimally and let things quiet down naturally. I appreciated this as much as the heated bed. Soft music blurred most of the sounds from the other side of the wall, and I fell in and out of that neither-here-nor-there zone of consciousness. Karla knew what areas needed work without my telling her.
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Great Day Spas in Maryland

at the spa on this most romantic of holidays? We’ve tracked down spa treatments from coast to coast (and beyond) to come up with our favorite Valentine’s Day spa packages and treatments for romance and romance-lovers alike. “Sweetheart” Scrub & Massage at Spa Desert Springs What better way to say “I love you” or “UR G8” than with the quintessential Valentine’s Day candy, Necco Candy Hearts? Palm Desert’s JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa is offering a Sweetheart Sugar Scrub and Sweetheart Valentine Massage, both scented with the smell of candy hearts, featuring notes of orange, vanilla and blueberry. Afterwards, unwind in the 38,000 square foot spa, the largest in Southern California. Both treatments are 60 minutes and $135.
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