Real Estate Investing With Cash? Why You Should Reconsider

Salaried real estate investors in mess as loan cost pinches

You see, money isnt really worth what you think its worth for very long. Time value of money is a central concept in finance theory, and its used to figure out what money will be worth at some future time, given interest earned or inflation during that period. It has to do with buying power, and it basically says that the dollar you hold today will buy less in the future. By tying up your own money in an check it out investment property, youre basically loaning it to yourself at 0 percent interest. Every year that money sits there, tied up in the home, it can actually buy you less of a different asset that might pay you interest and create a growing balance. Value over time But what about the house?
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Real Estate Investment Network Ltd. will Host the Authentic Canadian Real Estate Program in October

People who had invested in properties some 10-15 years ago are now finding it difficult to service their home loans which have become too expensive now due to the rising interest rates and falling rental yields. According to a survey, resale inventory has increased nearly 30 per cent over the last six months. “Economic slowdown has hit the real estate industry. Salaried professionals who had invested in properties five-six years ago to cash in on the boom, are now looking to sell them as they are finding it difficult to cope with the high cost of living,” property portal co-founder and marketing head Advitiya Sharma told PTI.
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The program will offer both the beginner and savvy investor tools, tips, and tactics about a real estate investing system that will help teach them how to grow their portfolio from zero or 100 properties. From people who are just learning the ropes of real estate investing, and veteran real estate investors with a need for more creativity to make even more money in real estate, to those who are making a living in the real estate investing world and are looking for partners, contacts or clients, the two-day real estate seminar will equip everybody with the connections and tools they need to go forward and become wealthy. As people who work in real estate know quite well, there is no National Real Estate Market in Canada or the United States. Real Estate viper nests and Ali Babas caves exist throughout North America and investors can do one of three things: take a chance on which market will bear riches or wreak financial ruin; be safe but do nothing and miss out on wealth through real estate; or become educated by real estate experts, who really do invest in strong markets and understand the property management system. During the program, experts will explain during the real estate courses how to capitalize on the current mortgage landscape, where to invest in hot and emerging markets that have a future, and what types of properties to buy depending on peoples level of expertise, time or risk tolerance. A number of Canadas top economists and analysts will also provide their insights on the fundamentals of real estate investing and insights into real estate markets across North America.
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