Companies Help Boat Owners Rent Their Vessels

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND OF SEPT. 21 - This Sept. 6, 2013, shows Aabad R. Melwani, investor with and President of Rickenbacker Marina, Inc., in Key Biscayne, Fla. is a "boat sharing" company from Silicon Valley that has recently expanded to Miami. Also known as a "peer to peer" company, the company puts together a network of boat owners who want to share their boats when they are not using it and make some money. Photo: The Miami Herald, Al Diaz

21 – This Sept. 6, 2013, photo shows… ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND OF SEPT. 21 – This Sept.
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RENT: Insiders vs. Shorts


Click here to find out Ten Bargains You Can Buy Cheaper Than The Insiders Did In the case of Rentrak Corp. ( NASD: RENT ), the total short interest at the 08/30/2013 settlement date was 427,188 shares, which compares to the average daily trading volume of just 40,677 shares, for a days to cover ratio of 10.50. When short sellers eventually cover their positions, by definition there must be buying activity because a share that is currently sold short must be purchased to be covered. At the present levels of short interest, if from this point forward every single RENT share traded represented a short position being closed, then at the average daily volume of 40,677 shares it would only be during the 11th trading day that every short position would be closed. So it would stand to reason that should some unexpectedly good news come out, and short sellers did not have 11 days of patience but instead wanted to cover their short positions very suddenly, that situation could result in sending the stock higher until the higher price produces enough sellers to generate the necessary volume to close out those positions quickly.
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It’s (nearly) £900 a year more expensive to rent than buy

A house price sentiment index for Knight Frank for September shows that householders expect sharper increase in prices over next 12 months than at any time since January 2010 (although there are obviously some problems with sentiment indices, they do seem to offer a reasonable guide to future house pricing). The expectations were highest in London, and lowest in Wales and the North East with those aged between 45 and 54 most optimistic that prices will rise over the next year. There has been a big change in the figures over the last five years. In June 2008 the average monthly cost of homeowning was 352, or 49% higher than renting. According to Halifax, the improvement in the affordability of buying relative to renting since 2008 reflects a 37% decline in home buying costs over the past five years. Lower house prices and property management jobs in maryland mortgage rates have contributed to making home buying more affordable.
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